Welcome to our Texas studio

Welcome to our Texas studio

Welcome to our Texas studio Welcome to our Texas studio Welcome to our Texas studio

 Nestled in the Lost Pines just outside of Austin.  Housecalls in other areas available.

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The Loc Doctor story


For the Love of Hair and Humanity

Hello there, I'm  Loc Doctor Liz, I started this journey as a hairstylist/makeup artist in the early 90's in Austin, Texas. 

My background in hairdressing  came from punk rock roots where we dyed our hair with Kool-Aid and used Knox gelatin to keep Mohawks up. Being an individual and refusing to let society dictate ones being was our anthem. I formed a silent protest through helping people achieve their individuality...well, through their hair at least.  

In the early 90's I was a liberal Arts/ Environmental Biology student going to college.

Completely uncertain of what to do with my life, my father said " You've always been good at hair...and you have to get a job".    I took my fathers advice,  graduated from Mt. Roann Pivot Point Academy in '93

Eager to flex my artistic eye and skills with shears I apprenticed at top salons in  Austin.

In the salons I was recognized for being creative and forward thinking.

This evolved to working on more creative projects like Austin  FashionWeek, Photo/Video Shoots & Special Effects Makeup.


Always Evolving

Eventually I wanted to take it to the next level and really challenge myself by understanding how to work with dreadlocks. 

I quickly discovered a lack for education being shared or  knowledge on working with various hair textures and very few places that served ALL types of hair texture

Also, there was a lack of techniques being offered that were not damaging to the hair and worked in harmony with natural growth without the use for products like waxes. 

I thought this was a shame and set out to make a difference by welcoming ALL hair types.  In 2001 I opened my first hair salon, Through The Looking Glass,  inside a tattoo shop on 6th Street of Austin.

As a professional hairdresser I am committed to serving every texture of hair well. My job is to look out for the health and longevity of my clients, starting with their hair. Dreadlocks had a deeper meaning than most hairstyles. I have come to find myself that Dreads are pretty magical and will teach you a lot about yourself.  

Suddenly, I was the student again and had so much more to learn.   


Lessons from the past that should bring us together

Dreadlocks or Locs have a deeper meaning and that meaning is so various. Some spiritual others traditional, etc. one thing that never changes at Loc Doctor Studio is a shared love for self expression and  respect for individual choice. 

Helping your fellow tangled human. It really is much more than being a hairdresser specializing in dreadlocks. It’s a way of uniting people as Community. More than a hairstyle, a common thread between cultures that spans all over the globe...and what a fun community at that! 

Archaeology, Anthropology and a little Alchemy...According to what has been found on mummies of Ancient People from many parts of the world, hair in Woven or Locked form was one of the earliest hairstyles and represented in many different ways across cultures. You might say it's the most natural  hairstyle of all! 

I'm constantly learning  from different cultures their techniques for creating hairstyles both traditional and non-traditional.The whole point has been to make available better services, quality products and keep it gong through education. That is the story behind Loc Doctor Liz and what Loc Doctor Studio represents.  As always- Peace Love and Locs!

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